3 – August 2016


Milan -> NYC

I’m Miranda and I’m from Italy.

It’s been only 4 months since I’ve been here in Okemos, Michigan, for my exchange year.

This exchange year it’s the best opportunity that ever happened to me even though leaving my home, my friends, my family was difficult. What was even more difficult was packed all my clothes for the year: from summer to spring. I essentially packed all my favorite clothes and coats and shoes. The fact that made it harder was that before coming here I spent 3 days in NYC and the goal was that I wouldn’t open the big suitcase, which I did anyways.

NYC was great: Hyde Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge everything I visited was worth the stop. For me the city was a little chaotic: too many people and too many cars and I really thought during the whole three days that in Italy we drive a little better, but it was definitely a really good trip with intense walking around the city (my Health app says more than 34,000 steps in a day). I spent those days with other exchange students coming from France, Spain and of course Italy, and I made some friends who I’m still talking to: we share problems with our host-family (if any) or every activity we do in school or out school.

It was the 6th of August when I first saw my host-family, and it was actually on accident.

My  room!

We walked in each other because my flight was early. They welcomed me with a big colored sign “WELCOME MIRANDA” and after that we spent the day wandering around Okemos: they  showed me the path that I’m still using to go to school and Downtown. We went to a Pub and I ate half of ‘wrap’ (that I’m still ordering every time we go there) and some fries, because my stomach couldn’t handle the massive portions of food yet. For a first day it was all good except for the part where I fell on Libby, my little host sister. I felt really bad and for the first impression I bet it wasn’t good.

My life here so far is what I was expecting to be: unforgettable. I met many people so far and most of them I think I can call them friends or more. My host family is slowly becoming my second family and I’m not regretting at all my decision about doing this exchange year.

As I’ve already said: this is the best experience that someone could do. 

  • What about you? Would you like to do an exchange year if you had the chance?
  • Would you like to have a different life from your current one?

4 thoughts on “3 – August 2016

  1. Hi Miranda!
    I really liked this post. I loved hearing about your journey to the united states and how you have had an amazing time here so far. I am glad that you chose to come here because it has been a pleasure meeting you and being on the volleyball team with you and you are the sweetest person i have ever met. The fact that you chose to come here and leave all your friends and family back home Italy just makes me understand how hard this whole thing may have been for you cause I know that it would to hard for me to do what you did. I hope you have an amazing rest of your year here.


    1. Hi Jade! Thanks for your nice words!
      It has been a pleasure to me too, being part of the volleyball team was the best thing so far!
      I really miss playing with you and the rest of the team.

      with love,


  2. Hey Miranda!
    Your post is lovely and I’m glad you like it here! There are a lot of fun things to do in East Lansing so if you ever need any ideas just let me know! I would love to do an exchange year one day. I think it would be amazing to experience the difference between America and other countries and learn new things. It’s difficult to travel so far and I have great respect for your calm personality. You have a lot of courage leaving your family behind but now you have twice the friends! I hope your year here is fulfilling and fun!!


    1. Hi Emilia! Thank you for your nice words!
      I really really recommend you to do an exchange year at some point your life, it is a really delightful and fulfill experience. You can learn many thing even in a month and learn hot to take care of yourself without your parents, and as you said, make many friends!

      with love,


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