img_0222Right after I came here in Okemos the volleyball tryouts started. The most intense and tiring days I’ve ever had for two reasons: I wasn’t expecting that the fundamentals of the sport were called in a different way and it was totally different than I expected to be.

First of all there were about 20 or more athletes for all the levels: Varsity, Juniors Varsity and Freshmen and everybody was looking at me because of course I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

The first two hours were miserable, and as a very proud person I was expecting to excel in almost everything but that wasn’t the case. I made a mistake in almost everything I did, so I went home and cry for frustration. What made me going to the other two hours of training was my host dad text, without it I think I would have probably quit. 

I went to the rest of the tryouts and Coach I told me I passed them and that made my day. And a really good start of my exchange year.

Practice was every day, with weight room on Wednesday, from 3 to 5pm. Games on Tuesday and some tournament during the weekend.

Playing with this team made me realize that my team back home isn’t tight as this one and maybe that’s why we lose important games or we have just nice practice instead of good practice. In this team I think I have found the people that I will miss the most when I go back home.


2 thoughts on “Volleyball

  1. Hi Miranda!
    Being an exchange student was tough in the beginning, especially about language. I felt I did almost everything wrong because I didn’t actually understand what people were talking, but now I got so much better. I agree with you that joining the sports here is hard, because I went to the Basketball tryouts, they practiced a lot and this made me feel so tired. Since I’ve been here, I met a lot of good people, having a good friends. I think I’m gonna miss America so much when I go back home.


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    1. Hi Prim!
      I totally agree with you, the start was definitely rough. Now, though, everything has changed. I’ve got many friends and if I think that sooner or later I’ll go back home I’m really sad!
      Let’s see what the next months bring!


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