My birthday was on January 12th and finally I turned eighteen. Here in the USA is not a really big deal, but in Italy I’m and adult.

— Me? An adult? No way, I’m just a little thing walking and breathing. —

Anyways, I’ve always loved birthdays so I was really happy to finally celebrate mine.

My parents called on Wednesday at 6pm (it was actually Midnight in Italy) and we talked for a while and they sang “happy birthday” and I was really happy, but then when we ended the call I suddenly started feeling sad and I started crying a little bit. After the call, Alice, my best friend, sent a really long text and that for sure made me cry a lot of tears.

In that moment I realized that I actually miss a lot my family and friends and being here, in this important day was harder than I expected.  

The best is yet to come: the next day – my actually birthday – I woke up with the need to check my phone because I was sure that all my friends sent me birthday texts, but they didn’t. 

It was totally weird and the only excuse I could give was: “maybe they are just having a rough day, maybe they didn’t have the time… maybe they forgot about it, which is fine

Nora’s pic.

They didn’t forget about it. 

They instead waited until my actual time of birth to send me a video. It was during school and I wish they sent the video later in the day because I started crying really badly.

My family, my best friends and all the people I care about were wishing me happy birthday, saying things I never think of myself.

So yeah, it was definitely a day to remember.

While writing this post I’m crying, but these tears are not tears of sadness; they are tears of happiness because I’m surrounded by amazing people. I’m not just talking of my Italian friends but I had confort by some other people here in Okemos and I’m thankful and grateful for them.

  • Have you ever driven crazy one of your friends just to amaze him/her?
  • If yes, what did you do?

2 thoughts on “+18

  1. Miranda, I am so happy you came to America to hang out for the year. I remember the day of your birthday when we were both late to math class. I saw you crying in the hall and my heart blew up. At first sight, it looked as if you were crying tears of sadness, but when I came over to you I realized they were tears of joy. I lived up north with my grandparents for part of summer and that was the longest I have ever been away from my family. It was only two months. I can not even imagine being away for a whole school year. I am really going to hate saying goodbye to you on July first. Hopefully I will be able to come to Italy someday and see you again.

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    1. Hey Gage!
      I know it will be definitely hard to say goodbye, but I’m pretty sure we will find our way to meet again! Whenever you want to come to Italy just send me a text and we will make some plans. I know for sure that we will have so much fun!



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