Not Just Shakes & Bakes

In the last post I talked about how I like spend weekends on the sofa watching tv shows, but this time I’m going to talk about how I like to spend time with my friends.

We used to meet during weekends because is when most of us are free from practice or family stuff, but right now Emma F., Cat I., and Sydney F. are doing some volleyball club or water polo and they have tournaments, so we moved the shakes and bakes during weekdays.

Anyhow, those are not just shakes and bakes but something I cannot named.

Each one of us is different from one another, and somehow we have this incredible bond where we cannot stay far from each other.

Sydney is the oldest of the group and she brings positivity, responsibility and honesty to the group. She’s the kind of friend you can always count on.

Emma is the youngest, she’s the crazy person of the group, she brings joy and happiness with her. She’s the kind of friend you meet in the hallways and she will make your day better. 

Cat is the shy and smart pants of the group. You can always count on her jokes, smile, support and wise advices because somehow she knows what you are going through and she just makes you feel better. 

Shaking & baking round 1

When we are all four together laughs, jokes, music, food and energy are always around. If we spent 4 hours together, for almost of the entire time we talk, dance and laugh because friendship where you can be yourself are always the best. 

I’m really glad that I met them because otherwise my exchange year would have been much more boring.

  • Do you have any people that makes your day full of happiness? How?