Simple Weekend

One of the things I most adore is spending time with my host-family, especially on the weekend after a really intense week of school and sports.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings I like play some board games with my host-sister or watch some cartoon movies and spend some time with her, even though we always end up tickling each other or play with pillows or playing tag.

In the morning, Jeremy (host-dad) usually when he gets back from his run, makes some delicious American-vegetarian type of breakfast. He usually makes hash browns, veggie-bacon or veggie-sausages, toasts and sunny-side -up eggs or a breakfast burrito.

I usually don’t eat heavy for breakfast, so when I discovered this breakfast burrito I was literally in love with it. I think I might have eaten two and half the first time Jeremy cooked it, not counting the hash browns. I was stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving. 

After that is movies, tv shows or reading time all together or by ourselves.

The highlight of the day for me is dinner time, where I can help Jeremy cooking or cleaning the kitchen. I like cooking and if I can learn more veggie-recipes I’m on board with it.

On Saturday we usually eat dinner in the living room so we can watch some stand-ups show and our favorite comedian is Jim Gaffigan, he is a really hilarious man and we usually end up watching all of his shows on Netflix (I suggest that you readers check them on Netflix) and by that time the only awake are me and Libby (host-sister) and we spend time watching more movies and we end up staying up till midnight, and since we don’t want to disturb anybody we sleep together.

On Sunday instead, after dinner we don’t stay together for a long time because I usually do my Monday’s homework so I go upstairs with Nora while Marti and Jeremy and Libby go to bed early.



My birthday was on January 12th and finally I turned eighteen. Here in the USA is not a really big deal, but in Italy I’m and adult.

— Me? An adult? No way, I’m just a little thing walking and breathing. —

Anyways, I’ve always loved birthdays so I was really happy to finally celebrate mine.

My parents called on Wednesday at 6pm (it was actually Midnight in Italy) and we talked for a while and they sang “happy birthday” and I was really happy, but then when we ended the call I suddenly started feeling sad and I started crying a little bit. After the call, Alice, my best friend, sent a really long text and that for sure made me cry a lot of tears.

In that moment I realized that I actually miss a lot my family and friends and being here, in this important day was harder than I expected.  

The best is yet to come: the next day – my actually birthday – I woke up with the need to check my phone because I was sure that all my friends sent me birthday texts, but they didn’t. 

It was totally weird and the only excuse I could give was: “maybe they are just having a rough day, maybe they didn’t have the time… maybe they forgot about it, which is fine

Nora’s pic.

They didn’t forget about it. 

They instead waited until my actual time of birth to send me a video. It was during school and I wish they sent the video later in the day because I started crying really badly.

My family, my best friends and all the people I care about were wishing me happy birthday, saying things I never think of myself.

So yeah, it was definitely a day to remember.

While writing this post I’m crying, but these tears are not tears of sadness; they are tears of happiness because I’m surrounded by amazing people. I’m not just talking of my Italian friends but I had confort by some other people here in Okemos and I’m thankful and grateful for them.

  • Have you ever driven crazy one of your friends just to amaze him/her?
  • If yes, what did you do?


Before I knew my host family I just knew when I was going to leave: August. That was all for a few months, then in May a call came: it was WEP (my exchange organization) and they told me that an host-family picked me, but before I knew who was the family I need to agree to eat vegetarian for a year. I was skeptical at first, many doubts were on my mind: maybe if I don’t accept this family nobody will choose me;  I will not eat meat for an entire year, should I accept still? I wasn’t sure about choosing until I knew who they were. They sent me their application and there, when I saw my host-mum face something sparkled in me. I was totally sure about them: they were my new family.

There was another ‘problem’: my host-family would hosted another exchange student. It wasn’t that big deal actually, I was totally fine with it. I thought that I could share my problems or my experience with someone that would possibly understand me and that would it be very nice.

So right now I’m in Michigan, as I’ve already said, living in a beautiful house, with wonderful people. There’s my host-mum: Marti; host-dad: Jeremy; host-sister: Libby, and Nora the exchange student from Germany.

Pretty cool, uh? 

My  host family!

  • But if you were me what would you have  done?