Before I knew my host family I just knew when I was going to leave: August. That was all for a few months, then in May a call came: it was WEP (my exchange organization) and they told me that an host-family picked me, but before I knew who was the family I need to agree to eat vegetarian for a year. I was skeptical at first, many doubts were on my mind: maybe if I don’t accept this family nobody will choose me;  I will not eat meat for an entire year, should I accept still? I wasn’t sure about choosing until I knew who they were. They sent me their application and there, when I saw my host-mum face something sparkled in me. I was totally sure about them: they were my new family.

There was another ‘problem’: my host-family would hosted another exchange student. It wasn’t that big deal actually, I was totally fine with it. I thought that I could share my problems or my experience with someone that would possibly understand me and that would it be very nice.

So right now I’m in Michigan, as I’ve already said, living in a beautiful house, with wonderful people. There’s my host-mum: Marti; host-dad: Jeremy; host-sister: Libby, and Nora the exchange student from Germany.

Pretty cool, uh? 

My  host family!

  • But if you were me what would you have  done?